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Cover to Cast RecordingWuthering Heights

Book, music and lyrics by Bernard J. Taylor. Based on the novel by Emily Brontë.

Arrangements and orchestrations by Nic Raine


WUTHERING HEIGHTS, a rambling stone house set amid the wild windswept reaches of the Yorkshire Moors, is the setting for Emily Bronte's dark and passionate love story. The kindly Mr Earnshaw, owner of Wuthering Heights, finds a young, starving gypsy boy on the streets of Liverpool. He decides to adopt him and bring him up with his own children, the beautiful Cathy and her truculent brother Hindley. Cathy is intrigued by the boy and names him — Heathcliff. But Hindley resents the newcomer's presence and when his father dies, as the new master of Wuthering Heights, he determines to make Heathcliff's existence as miserable as possible. Without his benefactor Heathcliff has no protection against Hindley's rages. Nellie Dean, the house keeper, joins the other servants in lamenting the changes since Mr Earnshaw's death ...

Hindley forbids Cathy to associate with Heathcliff - but the two regularly steal away to a secret rendezvous on the moors - Peniston Crag - a lofty untamed spot they feel is their own special kingdom.

Alone on the moors Heathcliff broods as he waits for Cathy …

Nellie is protective of Cathy, scolding her for meeting with Heathcliff - nervous not only of the unpredictable Hindley discovering the deceit, but of what others might think. Cathy airily dismisses her concerns. Cathy joins Heathcliff at the windswept crag where they reminisce about happier times.

On their way down from the moors Cathy is savaged by a pack of dogs as they pass Thrushcross Grange. She is taken in by the owners of the Grange, the wealthy Linton family, until she has recovered. With Cathy gone, life becomes even more intolerable for Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights. Cathy falls for the charm of the Linton family on on her return begins to assume airs and graces, much to Heathcliff's dismay.

They argue. Heathcliff wants her the way he has always known her. She wants to decide for herself how she should live. Heathcliff is shocked and enraged, storming off into the night and leaving Cathy alone to regret her harshness. She later confesses to Nellie that Edgar Linton has proposed marriage - and she must now choose between Heathcliff and Edgar.

A drunk and angry Hindley appears having seen Heathcliff ride off into the night. Cathy realises that Heathcliff is leaving Wuthering Heights, possibly forever. Nellie vainly tries to stop Cathy from chasing after him and begs for Hindley's help. He, however, is indifferent to their fate. Later that night Cathy returns, drenched, cold and heartbroken, having failed to find Heathcliff and fearing the very worst - that he will never return. Overwrought and now gripped by fever, Cathy collapses. Close to death, members of the household pray for her recovery.

Four years pass. Cathy has recovered and remembrance of Heathcliff has faded. Thrushcross Grange is alive with celebration - Cathy has finally agreed, after years of pleading, to marry Edgar Linton. To celebrate this happy occasion a gypsy dance troupe entertain. Later Nellie prepares the bridal bed whilst Cathy recounts a magical, mystical dream - a vision of heaven that turns into a nightmare.

Unknown to Cathy, however, Heathcliff is on his homeward way, intent on finding his lost love.

Cathy, now married, settles comfortably into the pleasant routines and duties of her married status as Mrs Edgar Linton. Regretfully there is little passion but Cathy delights in simple pleasures and domestic niceties.

Domestic conviviality is shattered by the sudden appearance of Heathcliff. He has returned with a fortune made in America. He has settled Hindley's mounting gambling debts to gain control of Wuthering Heights, now nearly derelict following years of neglect, only to be informed by Hindley that Cathy is now married. Heathcliff visits Thrushcross Grange and begs Cathy to leave Edgar and join him at Wuthering Heights. Though her love for Heathcliff is strong, Cathy's sense of duty prevails; she rejects Heathcliff's entreaties. He vows to wait each night at Peniston Crag until she returns to him.

Heathcliff's new stature in life and brooding good looks attract the attentions of Isabella, Edgar Linton's sister, and when Cathy continues to reject his please, Heathcliff takes revenge by marrying Isabella, subjecting her to a life of lonely neglect at Wuthering Heights whilst he restlessly roams to moors. Isabella makes a desperate attempt to win his love.

Cathy's fever returns. A stormy night brings back the memory of Heathcliff, and she is drawn from her sickbed onto the wild moorland to seek him. Amid the wind and rain, he waits for her. They meet and embrace. But the fever has taken its toll - Cathy dies in Heathcliff's arms.

Heathcliff is left shattered by Cathy's death. He haunts the moors longing for death to claim him too. One night, during a raging storm, he hears Cathy's ghostly voice carrying his name across the moors … The following morning his body is found at Peniston Crag - the place of their childhood. In death they are finally united.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Prelude - Orchestra
  2. Wuthering Heights - Nellie and chorus
  3. Cathy! - Heathcliff
  4. They Say He's a Gypsy - Cathy and Chorus
  5. You Were My First Love - Cathy and Heathcliff
  6. I See a Change In You - Cathy and Heathcliff
  7. One Rules My Heart - Cathy and Nellie
  8. I Have No Time for Them - Hindley
  9. He's Gone - Cathy
  10. Let Her Live / I Will Have My Vengeance (Act 1 finale) - Heathcliff and chorus
  11. The Gypsy Waltz - Orchestra
  12. I Belong to the Earth - Cathy
  13. Coming HOme to You - Heathcliff
  14. The Pleasure of Your Company - Cathy and Edgar
  15. If Only - Isabella
  16. Heathcliff's Lament - Heathcliff
  17. Up Here With You - Cathy and Heathcliff



Cast recording starring Lesley Garrett and Dave Willets - Silva Screen SONGCD 904

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