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Cover to original cast recordingYoung Frankenstein

A musical in 2 acts. Book by Mel Brooks and Tomas Meehan: Music and lyrics by Mel Brooks. Based on the story and screenplay by Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks and the original motion picture by arrangement with Twentieth Century Fox.

Hilton Theatre, New York - 8 November 2007.


The curtain rises on a village in Transylvania. The year is 1934. The townspeople rejoice at the death of notorious scientist Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. Police Inspector Kemp informs them, however, that a descendant lives, Victor’s grandson, Frederick. In New York, Dr. Frederic Frankenstein lectures his students about the glories of the brain

Frederick receives a cablegram informing him that he has inherited his family's estate He prepares to sail to Europe and is seen off at the pier by his adorable if slightly frigid madcap society fiancée, Elizabeth

Arriving by train in Transylvania, Frederick is met at the train station by his new servant Igor and the voluptuous Irma. who becomes his lab assistant They travel by horse-drawn cart to Castle Frankenstein where they encounter the cryptic and mysterious housekeeper, Frau Blucher.

While dozing Frederick is visited, in a nightmare, by his Frankenstein ancestors who implore him to accept his destiny. Later Inge and Frederick discover the secret entrance to Victor Frankenstein's legendary laboratory. Frau Blucher is waiting for them there and confesses her relationship with the late doctor. Upon reading his grandfather’s private journals Frederick is inspired to resume his grandfather’s experiments in re-animating the dead. He and Igor exhume the enormous corpse of a recently-executed criminal while Kemp and the villagers meet and decide to monitor the Doctor’s activities.

Igor is sent to steal the brain of a revered scientist but the plans go awry. He grabs a different brain instead. At the castle, Frederick brings the creature to life during a violent thunder-and-lightning storm. Kemp and the villagers pay a visit to the castle and serenade the doctor.

Frederick assures them that all is quiet in the castle, but the creature's cries from inside arouse fear and suspicion. In an attempt to camouflage the noise, Igor, Inga and Frederick improvise an eccentric new song and dance. Everyone joins in the fun until the monstrous creature, set free by Frau Blucher, burst on the scene. Havoc ensues and the monster tosses Frederick to the ground as Act One ends with his escape into the woods.

Act Two begins with everyone in pursuit of the escaped monster. Back at the castle Inga encourages Frederick to forget the brain and give in to his romantic desires. While they are consummating their relationship Elizabeth and her retinue make an unexpected visit to the laboratory.

The scene shifts to a cottage in the forest where a blind hermit yearns for some companionship. The monster crashes in and is offered food and drink by the lonely hermit. When the hermit attempts to light the monster's cigar, he mistakenly ignites the monster's thumb and the angry creature violently departs, leaving the hermit once again alone.

The monster is captured and Frederick wins him over with flattery and visions of his potential. After a period of training, Frederick present the creature at a theatre in Transylvania. The show is a sensation but ends disastrously when a stage light catches fire and the frightened monster become violent. He kidnaps Elizabeth and charges out.

In a cave in the forest the monster ravishes a not-unwilling Elizabeth. She falls in love with him due to his superhuman strength and the enormity of his physique.

Frederick subdues the monster and brings him back to the castle. He electronically transfers a copy of his own genius-level intelligence into the brain of the monster as Kemp and the villagers storm the laboratory. Kemp arrests both Frederick and the creature. But the newly erudite and sophisicated monster is able to reason with and placate Kemp and the villagers. He and a transformed Elizabeth reveal plans to marry. All ends happily when Inga joyfully learns what her new husband Frederick got in return from the monster during the transference procedure

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. The Happiest Town in Town - Villagers
  3. The Brain - Frederick, Students
  4. Please Don't Touch Me - Elizabeth and Voyagers
  5. Together Again - Frederick, Igor
  6. Roll in the Hay - Inga, Frederick, Igor
  7. Join the Family Business - Victor, Frederick, Ancestors
  8. He Vas My Boyfriend - Frau Blucher
  9. Life, Life - Frederick
  10. Welcome to Transylvania - Transylvania Quartet
  11. Transylvania Mania - Igor, Frederick, Inga, Kemp and Villagers
  12. He's Loose - Kemp, Villagers
  13. Listen To Your Heart - Inga
  14. Surprise - Elizabeth, Igor, Frau Blucher, Sasha, Masha, Tasha, Basha and Bob
  15. Please Send Me Someone - Hermit
  16. Man About Town - Frederick
  17. Puttin' on the Ritz (music & lyrics by Irving Berlin) - Frederick, the Monster, Inga, Igor, Frau Blucher, Ensemble
  18. Deep Love - Elizabeth
  19. Frederick's Soliloquy - Frederick
  20. Finale Ultimo - The Company


Woodwinds; Trumpets I, II and III, Tenor Trombone; Bass Trombone; French Horn I, II, Violin I, II, III, IV; Viola I, II: Cello I, II; Bass; Drums; Percussion; Keyboards I, II, III.