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An ecological entertainment
Music by Peter Rose: Lyrics and narration by Anne Conlon


 Yanomamo vividly tells of the destruction of the Amazon Rain forest with its effects on the Yanomamo, the oldest Indian tribe living there. They lead a way of life in harmony with nature which, undisturbed would survive with the forests indefinitely. However, their existence, and that of millions of animals and plant

species, is threatened by the arrival of outsiders who assume that the forest soil is permanently rich and that once the trees have been cleared, the land will be very productive. But after two years, no crops will grow because the richness of the jungle is in the trees, not in the soil. Thus the delicate balance of nature is being systematically removed and soon the rain forests, which are crucial to the world's ecosystem, will disappear together with the Indians and the wildlife. Is there the time or the will to save them? Yanomamo was filmed as "Song of the Forest" and shown on Channel 4's "Fragile Earth" series, narrated by Sting. Published in association with the World Wide Fund for Nature.




3 flutes, 3 clarinets, 2 alto sax, 2 tenor sax, 3 trombones, tuba, electric bass, electric keyboard, string synthesiser, piano, percussion.

Printed Edition: Vocal Score, Word Book, Chorus Book

Recording: Cassette.