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Programme CoverYoung In Heart

Revue by Bud Flanagan and the Gang; Music and Lyrics: Ross Parker, Bryan Blackburn and Greatrex Newman. Dances and musical numbers by Joan Davis. Musical Director: Jack Ansell

Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 21 December, 1960

The Cast included:

Bud Flanagan, Eddie Gray, Naughton and Gold, Nervo and Knox, Anne Hart, Bill Lynton, Pamela Austin, Roy Sone, Wllie Carlisle, the Ken-Tones, the John Tiller Girls


  1. In the Spring
    Presenting Youth - The Ken-Tones, the Showgirls, Bill Lynton, Roy Sone
    Young In Heart - Anne Hart & the John Tiller Girls
    Younger Than Springtime - The Crazy Gang
  2. Yet Again - The Crazy Gang
  3. Bright and Beautiful - Designed by Alec Shanks
    All the Colours of the Rainbow - Leslie Want and the Showgilrs
    Light and Shade - Leslie Want and the Showgilrs
  4. Gunfight at Elsinore Junction (David Rogers) - The Crazy Gang
  5. Dorothy Wayne
  6. Royal Ascott
    (a) On Display - The Models and their Escorts
    (b) On the Lawn - Top People (The Crazy Gang)
  7. Music Hall Nights
    (a) Vaudeville - the Showgirls and their Escorts
    (b) Maybe It's Because I'm a Londener - Bud Flanagan
    (c) Famous Acrobats - Jimmy Nervo, Bill Lynton
    (d) At the Church - Ann Hart
    (e) Leicester Square - The Crazy Gang
    (f) High Soprano - Pamela Austin
    (g) High Steppers - the John Tiller Girls
    (h) Harvest Moon - the Ken-Tones
    (i) The Supreme Cinquevalli - 'Monsewer' Eddie Gray
    (j) Remember Panto? - The Crazy Gang
    (k) Fall in and Follow Me - Anne Hart & Company
  8. Abdullah Jones - Roy Sone, Celia Wright with the John Tiller Showgirls
  9. Silver Wedding - the Crazy Gang
  10. Hold the Line
    The Visitor to Town - Roy Sone
    The Call-Girls - the Showgirls with the John Tiller Girls
  11. Statues of Liberties! (Sydney Carter & Greatrex Newman) - Pamela Austin, Anne Hart, Willie Carlisle & the Ken-Tones
  12. Re-Tyring (the tread's Gone) - Bud Flanagan
  13. Spartacus - or the Greeks Have a Word For It - The Hyltonian Repertory Company (The Crazy Gang)
  14. Packing Up - The Entire Company