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Cover to sheet music It's NIcer to Be NaughtyYvonne

A musical play

Book & Lyrics by Percy Greenbank: Music by Jean Gilbert and Vernon Duke

Daly's Theatre, London 22 May, 1926 (280 perfs)

Musical Numbers:

  1. All Men Are the Same
  2. Billing and Cooing
  3. Charming Weather
  4. Couleur de Rose
  5. Day Dreams
  6. Don't Forget the Waiter
  7. I Love the Carleston
  8. It's Nicer to be Naughty
  9. Lucky
  10. The Magic of the Moon
  11. One Of the Things I Don't Profess To Know
  12. Oom Ta-ra-ra
  13. Teach Me To Dance
  14. Temperament
  15. Wake Up
  16. We Always Disagree
  17. Yvonne