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The Zulu and the Zayda

A comedy with Music in 2 Acts, 18 Scenes. Book by Howard Da Silva and Felix Leon; music and lyrics by Harold Rome ; based on a story by Dan Jacobson.

Cort Theatre, Broadway - 10 November, 1965 (179 perfs)


Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, this comedy is about a lively Jewish grandfather (zayda) whose family hires a native (Zulu) as a companion. Their relationship bridges the gulf between black and white, Africa and Europe, age and youth, but local prejudices interfere. The characters pause to sing a song.

Musical Numbers

  1. Tkambuza - Johannes
  2. Crocodile Wife - Johannes
  3. Good To Be Alive - Zayda and Paulus
  4. The Water Wears Down the Stone - Johannes
  5. Rivers of Tears - Zayda
  6. Like the Breeze Blows - Peter, Joan and Ensemble
  7. Oisgetzaychnet (Out of This World) - Zayda and Ensemble
  8. Some Things - Ensemble
  9. Zulu Love Song - Paulus
  10. L'Chayim - Zayda
  11. How Cold, Cold, Cold In An Empty Room - Johannes
  12. Eagle Soliloquy - Paulus
  13. Good To Be Alive (Reprise) - Zayda and Paulus

Scenes and Settings

The action takes place in Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, at the present time.

Act I

Act 2