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Cover to vocal score

A Musical Space-tacular!

Book and lyrics by John Gardiner Music by Andrew Parr

The authors of the successful Dracula Spectacula and Big Al have now launched into the future with a musical space-tacular!

Dazzle, a brilliantly funny parody of Star Trek, charts the voyage of the starship Sunburster One on its highly important first mission under the control of dashingly handsome (and doesn't he know it!) Captain Sarn Galactic. Ordered by the President of Homeworld to transport his daughter Dazzle Star, to her finishing school, Captain Sarn and his gallant crew are just tucking into a Chinese takeaway, space style, when they learn that Dazzle Star has been kidnapped by Slimebag the Haemorrhage, an Irish astral pirate! At the end of Act One we are left wondering why Dazzle has been kidnapped; is Big Olga really Sam Galactic's stepmother?; and who is Slimebag? We find the answers to these questions, and more, in Act Two which includes a space warp back to nineteen sixty to encounter Sue Zuki and the Greasers. Another super sizzling cosmic score by Andrew Parr and a book by John Gardiner packed with lunar-tic lyrics and stellar one-liners.

The musical can be played by either a large company or a small ensemble (provided the alien principals are doubled or trebled).

In this our fourth musical, we have again tried to offer a variety of song styles which we hope will give pleasure to performers and audiences alike.

Instrumentation has been kept fairly simple. The recording uses synthesizers, electric guitar and bass, tenor saxophone, drums and percussion. A flute would be a useful addition; a piano will happily supply the keyboard lines if preferred, although certain songs (nos. 3, 6, 7 and 8) benefit from a more electronic treatment including the use of phasing and flanging.

The vocal backing is mainly four part SATB. Ideally there would be two singers per part, each pair with its own microphone channel. These singers should be positioned close to the band, and play an important role, not only in the harmony work, but in giving a strong lead in main lines where the stage company is having to sing while performing complicated dance routines.

Metronome markings are fairly flexible. Neither should performers slavishly follow the speeds used in the recording. Try a variety of tempi and choose the one you feel most suitable.

I do recommend plenty of rehearsal with microphone, if possible from the very beginning of work on the show, even if you have to use the crudest of amplification. The jingles should be pre-recorded, or the professionally recorded set could be used (see details in the libretto). A complete instrumental backing track is available for companies who cannot provide a live band.

We wish you tremendous success with your production of DAZZLE.
Andrew Parr

Musical Numbers

Jingles A, B, C
Jingle D

  1. Light Your Lamp - (Sekurikor & Chorus)

    Jingle E

  2. If Dan Dare Did It - (Sam, with Crew, Lolita, Pearl, Alura & Mohammed)

    Jingle F

  3. Dazzle Star - (Dazzle, Starlets & Crew)

  4. The Guy That Gets the Girl - (Sam and Crew)

  5. Come Ze Glorious Evolution (Big Olga & Bolshies)

    Jingle G

  6. Space Angel - (Dazzle, Lolita, Alura & Pearl

  7. Velly Velly Tastee Too (Suey & Chinese Waiters)

    Jingles H, I, J

  8. The Slimey Swampers' Stomp (Slimebag & Swampey with Chorus )

  9. Honolulu Lulu - (Crew)

  10. Man Above All Men - (Sam & Dazzle)

  11. Greasers' Gavotte (Sue Zuki, Greasers & Greaserettes)

  12. Gotta Give a Guy a Helping Hand - (Mohammed & Pearl, Speck & Dazzle, Paddy & Sue )

  13. Comin' Back (to Where We Belong) - (Company)

    Jingle K
Settings and costumes are easily achieved and extensive notes are given in the text for these, together with suggestions for lighting, sound and special effects.

The Cast:

M5 F4. Chorus: 12 named parts plus extras and chorus.


Clarinet, Bass Guitar. - Band parts on hire